"Your hotel has heart"

Making a donation is a positive and generous action !
This is an excellent message to send to your guests and employees.

Let it be known

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Associations to which you donate 
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Association France law of Juillet 1901 – N° W751243460 Préfecture from Paris (France)
March 2018

Hoteliers, talk about your donations to charities

Each hotel has a societal role in its village, city, country. The financial or in-kind donation that your hotel makes is vital for a multitude of associations. Talk about it, communicate with your guests and employees. Solidarity Accommodation offers you free access to its public website www.hotelsolidarity.org

Support the Label

Hotel suppliers, socially responsible companies, make a financial or in-kind donation.We need your donation to help promote our "Your Hotel Has Heart" label.

Join our volunteers

Like any association, we need volunteers. Join our team for digital, personalized contact with hoteliers, participation in several trade shows. contact@solidarityaccommodation.org