Solidarity for the most in need of accommodation

Our actions to help people in need of accommodation

The purchase at cost of furniture equipment from our hotel suppliers of furniture equipment (Example : Beds, Sheets, Blankets, Tables, Iron, Soap, etc.. ) Purchase at cost or Destocking/Donations from our suppliers. They are sent to social housing establishments which request them from Solidarity Accommodation Association.

The financial complement of the Solidarity Hosting Tariff
This solidarity rate is a rate offered only to people in need of accommodation by our certified hoteliers. It benefits from a discount of more than 70% at the official online rate. The people supported are selected by the CCAS (Centre communal d'action sociale) which benefits from a code to access this tariff. This concerns Emergency accommodation, Temporary accommodation (Health/ Social/ Training), Solidarity holidays. How does it work? In some cases, Solidarity Accommodation can supplement this by paying the hotel directly from its financial share.


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