President's word

Good morning everyone,
In March 2020, we were about to launch our actions.
COVID 19 stopped our launch but allowed us to
reinvent ourselves by keeping our fundamentals :
1/ To put forward the donations of hoteliers to charitable associations. Charity of their village, city, region or country!
This is an example of generosity and positivity in today’s world.
For this we have put online a general public site: 

2/ Be more visible for a hotel motivated to do good by joining our new Label       Your hotel has heart
Find all the information and criteria on this website in Your hotel has heart.
3/ We manage donations made to our association to help people in need of accommodation or improve their living environment.
Find all the information on this site in Donations from hotels.

The generosity is positive!
Your guests and employees will appreciate your approach.
Our website is at your disposal for free

Thank you all for all the associations you help each year.

Dominique SARIC  Founding President
Hôtel Elysées Flaubert - Paris / France - Manager